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 Terms Of Use:   (If you disagree, please discontinue use)

  1. No guarantees of any kind are made for STableE
  2. Visitors hold the developer as liable for a max of  0 $ for any event that occurs during use of STableE

 Purpose & Features:   (continued here)

  1. STableE allows easy editing of ReStructured Text (ReST) & Sphinx tables
    (In simple terms for users who are new to ReST & Sphinx:
     Plain text tables like the tables in this web page)
  2. STableE can also be used by a more general group:
    1. for social net, chat, mail & text
    2. to join the simplicity of plain-text with tables (popular trends in offers, games, video, web avtars, photos, music & ring-tones)
    3. for plain text email marketing campaigns - to make catalogs, itineraries & venue driving directions

 System Requirements & Editor Page:

 ( Target pages of Announcements links below were lost when Jimdo closed a forum )

 ( Please see Lost Announcements )

STableE can be used from:
  • any browser with Flash Player
  • any system (desktop / laptop / netbook) with a hardware keyboard & a pointing device like a trackpad / mouse
  • mobile touch screen devices    (see Announcements - Jul 23, 2013)
STableE 320x240 can be used to edit multiple documents (one per window) with the windows arranged as tiles.    (also see Announcements - Mar 14, 2013)


Click here for STableE
HTML Editor
(Update - 01 Feb 2015)
Click here for STableE 640x480
HTML Editor
(Update - 01 Feb 2015)
Click here for STableE 320x240
HTML Editor
(Update - 01 Feb 2015)


New users: 

See Which Editor?  (The page addresses viewing large tables too)

Auto Undo & Auto Redo added to make editing easier in STableE Flash


Usage Video Clips:   (For New Users)

New Table,  Copy Cell Text,  Find,  Spaces->Horizontal Line,  Add Under / Over Lines (Outside Tables)


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