Change Log

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S.No   Brief Description of Link in Announcements page
1 A website is made for STableE - Sphinx Table Editor
2 New table pre-selection is changed
3 Updates to user interface are made for page load time, toolbars, tooltips, editor & stage movement
4 Three different app sizes are created
5 Usage video clips are added for new users
6 A HTML editor is created
7 Updates to STableE Flash are made for function buttons, scroll modes, data entry & icon layouts
8 Easier advertising is allowed. Updates to STableE HTML are made for max table width
9 A usage note is added (it includes system requirements)
10 A usage note is added (it addresses purpose & features)
11 For all STableE editors, direct bitmarks that are easy to recall are created
12 Updates are added for mobile (touch screen) support, word wrap & clipboard features
13 A new Change Log page is created
14 A usage note is added (it address Flash movie visibility on touch screens)
15 Updates are added to STableE HTML for Dropbox (Internet Explorer)
16 Updates are added for local file access, Undo & Redo, improved user experience through more HTML content, greater row & col sizes in table functions, Max Table Width of 300, Clear function & content not being written outside the Design area for IE users
17 A note about testing is added
18 Dropbox file names with spaces load correctly
19 View For Clipboard (Touchscreen) shows full text on load in IE & editor pages load fully without browser warnings about security
20 Updates to usage video clips (for new users) are added
21 Updates related to unicode characters for Dropbox & the Make Plain Text command are added
22 Form submit through post for STableE HTML & 3 new web pages are made
23 STableE Flash - Undo & Redo are made Auto Undo & Auto Redo for better usability and Help is updated including a usability suggestion - to review edits to large tables through the View For Clipboard (TouchScreen) feature
24 Usability improvements are made to STableE Flash (Original - editor width is increased, 320x240 - spacing between tool bar items is increased)
25 To allow easier editing - the Find & Replace All command was added to STableE Flash & STableE HTML
26 STableE Flash & HTML: Icons are re-created from Scalable Vector Graphic sources & STableE Flash: The ReST to HTML command is added 
27 STableE Flash: ASCIIFlow (Draw Tables) command was added
28 For STableE Flash: View For Clipboard (Touch Screen) command is updated & Paste From Clipboard (Touch Screen) command is added
29 STableE Flash & HTML: Interface to Pandoc is made more user-friendly


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